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What is email marketing with mailchimp services and strategy for: step by step

What is email marketing, how much it is essential for marketing, its software and strategy, email extractor, what is Mailchimp, and how to use?

Here we will learn A to Z key terms, so let us get started.

Email for Marketing Definition It is a processing move of sending business messages or commercial messages to a category of people for acquiring and retaining customers regarding their approach towards products or services in these four terms.

Awareness: Awareness message is sent to get aware of the people for the product or service to which they are unaware of.

Consideration: In this, the message sent to the customer is regarding their interest shown in the product or services after awareness.

Purchase: This message is sent when a customer purchases a product or service after showing interest.

Loyalty: After acquiring customers, the priority is retaining customers through customer loyalty by updating him with your latest products and services.

Email Marketing Strategy

Email is one of the much-benefited parts of digital marketing as it connects directly to customers and generates leads

email marketing

Email for marketing is very inexpensive and the best option to generate leads for all types of businesses whether they are small or big ventures.

Patience is one of the important parts of success, email takes some time to catch up with the viewer. The first few times the viewer may only see a glimpse of the email but after a certain time, your email will be recognized and noticed.

As a part of success in email marketing strategy, offers and discounts also play a very important role to convert the subscriber from recognizing to buying.

Sometimes, offer matters the most than the quality of content and creativity. For e.g. if you offer a discount on any of your product for a limited time, it will be highly noticeable and develops a human nature of eagerness to buy.

Top advantages of email marketing services are lead and revenue generation, relationship building as longstanding customers and it involves more effective content and efforts.


There is No formula of Perfect Email – Authentic and Honest messaging works



Email Open Rate Average

Email open rate is the ratio of the overall number of subscribers who opened and who did not open an email campaign. These rates can be different depending on the interest of the subscribers and the relevancy of the subject matters for subscribers.


The average rate of email for all industries

  • 17.8% :  Average open rate
  • 2.6%   :  Average click-through rate
  • 14.3% :  Average click-to-open rate
  • 0.1%   :  Average unsubscribe rate
  • 0.7%   :  Average bounce rate

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Email Marketing Software or Platforms

Nowadays there are many software and tools which provide email marketing services to send an email for marketing and can run a fully automated analysis campaign that gives you full detail from email open rate to email bounce rate.

On average, there are mostly paid tools when it comes to email marketing software but for beginners, we prefer free tools for email marketing.

In which the most effective and efficient free tool is Mailchimp

Sign up to the Mailchimp:

email marketing agency emmaemail marketing

What is Mailchimp It is a free tool that provides email marketing services to their users, in which 10 thousand emails can be sent in a month and 2000 contacts can be saved in a free version.

When a user took a paid version monthly or yearly plan, there will be no limitations on sending the emails and no restrictions on saving more than 2000 contacts or subscribers.

How to use Mailchimp to run a campaign on Mailchimp is very easy and clear, just follow these few steps:

After sign up into the Mailchimp click onto the ‘create’ menu on the left of the screen and then click on email from the drop-down options.

What is email marketing with mailchimp services and strategy for: step by step

A pop up will appear in which you will be asked to choose from

Regular                 Automated              Plain text

Select whatever email for marketing type you have to send to your audience, but normally we go for Regular.

Give your campaign a name and click on Begin.

After that on a new page, you will see

Add recipients” to whom you have to send this campaign.

Add From” through which email address you have to send this campaign.

Add Subject” the subject of the email that should be relevant and interesting.

Design Email” write down the content and select a template according to the relevancy of your content.

We will discuss it later on how to extract new emails and how to add them.

What is email marketing with mailchimp services and strategy for: step by step

After all this, four terms click on the send button, which is on the right side and you can also schedule your campaign at any particular time.


You will get an interface like this then just click on the Send Now and your campaign will be delivered.

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Mailchimp Features

When people ask what is Mailchimp and how to use Mailchimp, they thought only to run campaigns or sending emails.

No, not only that, Mailchimp is full of multiple features and here are few:

Mailchimp Landing page you can now create a landing page with Mailchimp to collect new contacts and you can also promote products and services with a highly impressive landing page.

Mailchimp Signup Form We can now create a pop-up form and embedded form for our website in seconds. After creating just paste that code into the header section of your website.

Mailchimp Website Now We can even create a website with Mailchimp, which is something very new for Mailchimp and very few people know this.


Collect Emails

When a beginner comes into the pool of email for marketing, their first question must be from where to collect new emails or how to collect emails.

That’s not a big task just follow a few simple steps:

The formula for collecting emails from Google is

“”””restaurants in New York

                     or                            Hotels in Dubai               and more.

Just search it in the google search engine and you will get multiple results and after that select all ctrl+A and then copy ctrl+C

Now here comes Email Extractor

Go to lite 1.4 email extractor search it on google and you will find.

lite 1.4 email extractor

Now Paste it all which you had copied from the google search result page and click on the new line from the separator drop-down menu.

After all this, click the button Extract and copy all the email for marketing you will get it from here.

Now after getting emails from lite 1.4 email extractor, the problem is how to filter these emails, as many of them are wrong for e.g. Or

Paste all your emails in the excel sheet and you can easily filter and find to remove or add.

From here, you can easily copy it into your Mailchimp audience to send them email campaigns.

I hope this Content will provide something valuable in terms of email for marketing.

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