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Email Marketing is one of the very benefited part of online marketing as it connects directly to customers and generate leads

To be very honest as an email marketing company in India, we suggest that Patience is one of the important parts of success, especially in India email marketing takes some time to catch up with the subscribers. The first few times it's possible that subscribers see a glimpse of the email only but after a certain time your emails will be recognized and noticed.

As a part of success in email marketing, offers and discounts are also a very important part to convert the subscribers from recognizing to buying. Sometimes, offer matters the most than the quality of content and creativity. for eg, if you offer a discount on any of your product for a limited time, it will be highly noticeable and develops an emergency to buy.

It happens that few of the time emails don't work at all, this happens because of old fashioned email marketing strategies, which are still done by some companies in India as we as all over the world. At eDigital ventures, we always concentrate on capturing the new subscribers for emails, by doing this we maintain a high approach and results.

Why to Choose eDigital ventures as your email marketing company in India

We provide expert business email marketing services which includes analytics strategy, templates design, mailing list management

We are among the leading email marketing companies in India which have the best creative team of youngsters with full of energy and enthusiasm to get hold of your campaigns on the next level. We will help you to take full advantage of professionally accomplished emails with a high quality of design, content, and list management.

eDigital ventures also provide email marketing services to small vendors in a cost-effective way to set up a good ROI which the Octane email marketing company can't provide, as you will have to empty your pockets. Email services are strongly recommended in the internet marketing world, so we try to accommodate according to our client's needs.

Top advantages of having an email marketing company services are lead and revenue generation, relationship building as longstanding customers, and also it involves more effective content and efforts but you don't worry, we can take care of that.

email marketing services
email marketing server

Importance of Email Marketing Server

Email Marketing server is very unlikely from the ordinary free mail service providers like Gmail or Yahoo. Even when we use some of the reputed email marketing software, like Mailchimp and Aweber, their free trials also doesn't give us a strong server until we take their paid version.

In simple words, Server is the most important thing for any of the email marketing service provider because server is the key which decides where your email will drop, it can go in the spam or promotions.

Important thing is that any usual SMTP servers that are free, set the restrictions to the number of recipients that anyone can use for each mailing, to determine spammers from the misuse.

Few email service providers in India

Pabbly - It's an email marketing software tool that gives you a secured server which helps your emails to land in the primary inbox, so you don't have to worry about spam.

Using this tool you can send bulk emails and it also gives you a free trial, all you have to do is just sign up and take benefits of this quality product.

Aweber - Aweber is one of the most trusted and oldest email service providers and it is the most used tool. Aweber is also used by eDigital Ventures -  The Email Marketing Company in India.

It also gives a free trial for 30 days and after that, it charges $19 monthly which is very low from other email service providers.



email service provider in India
E-Mail Marketing (EMM)

Email Software Price Comparison

email marketing company in India

Aweber is used by most of the Email Marketing company in India but it's a bit more expensive than other Softwares as its cost increases by the number of subscribers.

Top 3 Email Marketing Company in India

  1. Octane - Octane email marketing agency in India is one of the leading brands in this category. It was founded in 2007 and with the moving time circle octane developed multiple specialties from Email Marketing to SMS Marketing, Web Marketing, Customer Engagement to Leading Bulk Email Provider.
  2. Mail Marketer - Mail Marketer is an agency which has worked with more than 1000+ brands it is really good in bulk email service provider in India, its main office is in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. Mail Marketer also offers a low budget plan to accommodate clients just like eDigitalVentures.
  3. Mail Get Bolt - Mail Get Bolt is an email marketing company in India that promises you 4X Lead Capture, 2X Open Rate, and they are doing it from 2009. They provide Drag-Drop Email Builder, Email List Cleaning, and Email Tracking at an affordable price that doesn't require any complex SMTP setup.
Top 3 email marketing company in India

"There is No formula of Perfect Email - Authentic and Honest messaging works"- eDigitalVentures

Our passion is listening to the client's ideas, thinking through solutions, and coming up with creative designs. Most Importantly, we keep it simple.

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