eBook Creator Software Lifetime Deal

Two Best eBook Creator Software

eBook Creator Software Lifetime Deal

eBook creator software lifetime deal is the access which you get for the ultimate ebook maker software for lifetime with no recurring charges.

Nowadays ebook is an essential part of our day to day life, whether it’s a digital marketer, affiliate marketer, author, entrepreneur, everyone needs an ebook for their audience and many of them give free ebooks just to acquire market traffic and attention.

When it comes to choosing the best ebook creation software to write ebooks or a tool that generates automatic fresh content without writing a single word in a few minutes with multiple features is quite difficult but I’m going to review two best ebook design tools that would make ebook creation a piece of cake.

Sqribble Ultimate eBook Creator Software

Sqribble ebook design software stands out of the crowd in terms of quality and production every time. It’s a cloud-based tool that allows you to create ultimate ebooks within a few minutes with simple steps

It’s founder Adeel Chowdhry earlier released Pixel Studio FX is still one of the best choices for creating high converting e-covers and box art in just a minute.

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Top 5 Benefits of Sqribble Lifetime Deal

1. Simple to useA software efficiency and quality are tested by the UI (user interface) and UX (user experience). Both of the factors are much important for any ebook designing software, as it eases the use of the product.

Sqribble stands on both of the factors with simple drag & drop and click options, with the use of scribble few things are now really simple when it comes to write ebooks.

  • Writing an ebook
  • Designing an ebook
  • Formatting an ebook

You can also create Reports and Whitepapers in just a few simple clicks.

2. Save your money on Templates – Templates are pre-formatted designs and pattern layouts, when you design an ebook template plays an important role as its a soul of an ebook.

while creating ebooks you cannot simply under-estimate the value of a template, when you are selecting a template you should always check in which niche or category your template is.

Sqribble gives you 50 remarkable templates in 15 most popular and profitable niche categories in the very basic plan, these numbers will grow as you go for the upgraded plans like sqribble fantasia 3D and Auto job finder.

Each of the templates contains beautiful design of table of contents with different layouts that converts readers into your loyal buyers and will save your hundreds of dollars on buying templates and hiring freelancers with this lifetime deal.

3. How to use Sqribble – Sqribble has made this procedure so easy that one can simply create ultimate ebook designing, reports, and whitepapers in just a few minutes with 3 simple steps.

  • Pick up a template – Select from eye-catching incredible designs of the templates across different categories of the most popular niches.
  • 60 Seconds content – Many people struggle to create content, but this ebook creator has made it so simple, just put the URL of the related content and this software will automatically extract the fresh and ready-made content.
  • Customize and Publish – Choose the color of the theme and customize it on your own by editing pages, images, text blocks, links, paragraph, bullet lists, and call to action areas and buttons.

After completing this all stuff, just click the generate button and you’re done in a few minutes with your best ebook, this is how you can use sqribble to make fast ebooks.

4. Instant content for Lifetime – Creating fresh content is a hard job when your mind has given everything already to write on a certain topic and sometimes you might be not capable write long ebook contents. then here it comes, sqribble’s ultimate ebook creator automatic content engine.

You can fill up your articles with 1000 instant niche articles with this inbuilt automatic content engine or you can just simply enter a URL to extract the best and fresh content for your audience.

You can also write ebook contents by yourself only by taking ideas from the automatic content engine, it’s all upon your choice.

Sqribble’s lifetime software deals can save your extra efforts and multiple hours in writing content from scratch.

5. Make Extra Income – How would you feel when you are going to a shop to purchase a product and get to know that you will have a lifetime license to resell this product.

Yes absolutely correct, this ebook maker software gives you the commercial license to sell its designs, templates including table of contents and all of the profit is yours only.

How this Deal will save your Hundreds of Dollars

  • Monthly recurring subscription cost a lot and it’s always expensive when you pay monthly and even yearly could cost hundreds of dollars but this one-time payment will save you from lots of recurring expenses.
  • This ultimate ebook maker tool will save your multiple hours of effort and lots of money from hiring a freelancer for making an ebook and for content writing.
  • You don’t need any technical knowledge for creating an ebook, with the help of this software you could save time and increase productivity, which may scale up your business with more ebook creation in no time.

Sqribble Review – Just an overview

  • Sqribble Founder: Adeel Chowdhry
  • Launched on: 5th November 2018
  • Refund policy: within the first 30 Days
  • Discount/Coupon: Seasonal discount/coupon available(check our lifetime Deal)
  • Support system: Good
  • Technical knowledge: Not needed
  • Recommendation: Extremely Recommended

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ultimate ebook creator

Designrr Ultimate eBook Creator Software

Designrr is a cloud-based web software service that allows you to design ebooks with automatic content repurposing. Unlike Designrr alternatives, it provides you video and audio transcription into text format which you could simply use for blog posts or for ebook content.

Designrr has its own reputation in the market with more than thousands of users like content marketers, marketing agencies, podcasters, ebook creators, webinar marketers, video, and youtube creators.

It was created by Paul Clifford, a professional software developer, and marketer who has been making Softwares and tools for more than 20 years.

Top 5 Benefits of Designrr Lifetime Deal

  1. Transcript video and audio – There are also many tools that offer a transcription of audios and videos into text but this is the only ebook creation tool that repurposes your audio and video contents into blog posts and ebook contents just in few minutes with all ebook designing features and lead magnets.
  2. Layout Tab and Templates – Layouts and templates are the most important part for making an ebook, this tool gives you awesome layouts and templates according to their plan which is basic, pro, premium, and business. The more you upgrade the more you will get.
  3. Designrr Help – Before using any of the software to write ebooks you need to be very clear about their help and support system, check whether they are supportive or not. In this scenario, Designrr help and support system stands good, they give fast answers to the queries of their customers.
  4. Flexibility – Yes it also provides flexibility in the form of drag and drop elements with easy customization or you can use the “enable free elements dragging” option. This option will give you extra access to be more curative while designing an ebook.
  5. Themes and content repurposing – It gives you a numerous collection of themes based on color styling and fonts typography and yes, of course, depending on the plan you choose. Content repurposing is the Gem of this ebook writing software, it doesn’t matter how long is the blog post and article, This is so powerful that within a few minutes your pre-formatted content will be ready to go.

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Designrr Alternatives

Perhaps being the best their are also some designrr alternatives which you may consider or take a look at.

  • Adobe Illustrator – Adobe is a very famous company and when they launch software they add a lot of features. Adobe has a bunch of features too and it may take some time to clearly understand its all features and need basic technical knowledge, it is mostly used by the big companies and agencies. Designrr is an ideal choice if you have a small business or website.
  • Beacon – Its UI and UX are literally good and easy to use, it has almost everything to be a good ebook creator software. However, it may be a bit more expensive as you will need to upgrade when you need to export to pdf or remove the Beacon l0go.
  • Canva – Canva is a brilliant tool for a digital marketer and it has all its editing features but not as sufficient for designing ultimate ebooks. In fact, it’s a very useful tool for image editing, infographics, youtube thumbnails, blog templates, etc.

Designrr faq – (frequently asked questions)

  • Question: What if I don’t like Designrr lifetime Deal?
  • Answer: You can simply cancel it during the first 7 days after purchase or you could also downgrade your plan to professional or standard.
  • Question: What if I only need Transcription?
  • Answer: You can only use the transcription but although you will have to pay for a plan, In this case, you can go for a basic plan.
  • Question: What is the duration of time to transcript a video or audio?
  • Answer: Probably transcription time is 1 to 3 minutes but sometimes it depends on the internet connection and the length of the file.

Designrr Review – Just an Overview

  • Designrr founder: Paul Clifford
  • Launched on: April 2016
  • Refund policy: within the first 7 Days
  • Discount/Coupon: Sometimes discount/coupon available(check our lifetime Deal)
  • Support system: Excellent
  • Technical knowledge: Not needed but took time in getting used to it
  • Recommendation:  100% Recommended

Sqribble vs Designrr – short comparison

Comparison of Sqribble vs Designrr is very complex but if you ask my opinion Sqribble ebook maker software is good at its own and designrr has its own quality.

All I would say Sqribble is so simple to use that a 6-year-old can create ebooks very simply, whereas Designrr ebook design software has some more features with transcription.

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designrr lifetime deal

You can also upgrade to Premium (at any time) Premium Deal

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