Webinar Jam Pricing 2020 - Features & Reviews

Webinar Jam Pricing 2020 – Features & Reviews

WebinarJam pricing full reviews & features 2020

WebinarJam is a webinar platform that on the sales page quite literally promises to be everything for everyone but does it really stand on its pricing in 2020.


Before going on webinarjam pricing let’s take a closer look at this and see if it can hold up to those promises and if it’s a better solution than go to this webinar software and a bunch of its systems.

How to use webinarjam features:

Let’s get started right away from its dashboard and find out what it’s actually like, and how to use webinarjam.

The first thing you would greet with is this choice between a short basic configuration or the full configuration.


It’s familiar to go for basic because what happens here with webinarjam features, you have so many options, you have so many things to go through and it’s difficult to put that into kind of intuitive user-friendly UI.

It’s not very intuitive, but you know, it’s not a deal-breaker.


It takes longer than it probably would have to go through the webinar configuration. However, it’s good that we have all these options, it really covers everything you want to configure about the webinarjam features you can.

How to use Webinarjam marketing features:

webinarjam features

Let us get into some of the best webinarjam features, which are engagement and marketing features, for example, we can have polls. If I share a poll and when I click on publish, it shows up in the webinarjam chat sidebar for my attendees.


So here, we can interact with this poll as an attendee and when we end the pole as an admin, it will also be shared on the screen so we can choose to share the results or not to share the results.


Importantly, we can choose when which pole to be shown. So instead of it just being a bunch of polls that people can access, any time we can make the Poles part of our presentation, we can time them to match our presentation.


We can have people to answer a question, and then make a point about the results that we got and so on. Moreover, this is something that is sorely missing in some other webinarjam alternatives. Next, if we go to the attendee’s view, we can hide the sidebar here and focus on the entire screen.


As an admin, we can chat here and the offers can be of different sizes, we have a fairly large image here and we can customize the headline image and button here. Besides, the attendee can also hide this, but the button stays visible.


So once you start displaying an offer, that offer is visible for everyone, at least until their reach collapse. The sidebar and other powerful webinarjam features are that you can have a scarce offer. So if we create the scarcity for any product, for example: Then it shows together with a timer that tells people when this offer will end. Therefore, this could be some kind of a discount offer or something.


Also, you can have limited units and you can display sales in real-time. Therefore, in your webinar, you can show a notification whenever someone buys and you can have that number ticked down.

This is an incredibly powerful webinar sales tool.


Webinarjam will automatically record your event and make a replay available and you can choose to have a time-limited replay or no replay at all.


Moreover, by default, your replay of the event is like a simulated live event, which means that there will be a replay of the webinarjam chat messages in time with the webinar as it wasn’t in the live webinar.


And the timing of all your polls and offers and so on will be coordinated in the way it was in the recording. So people will be seeing the same interface as the replay with the same sidebar and messages and so on which would be much closer to the real thing.

Webinarjam landing page features is a way good as per webinarjam pricing:

webinarjam landing page features

Let’s quickly talk about the webinarjam landing page because that’s built into webinarjam, so you can design your own landing page to some extent. By picking one of the templates, this opens a separate builder where you can see an outline around anything you can edit or delete stuff and it tends to be a bit finicky.


It provides multiple features in which one of them is landing page support and it is likely to stand on webinarjam pricing not just because it gives so many features but also of webinarjam support system and webinarjam video quality, which is far better than webinarjam alternatives and that’s why webinarjam is legit with no doubt.


You can change things like the text and font size as you’d imagine, and you get different editing options on different elements. So on depending on what you click in, depending on what you choose to edit, you get different options. It’s one of the more clunky feeling editors, but you have a decent set of well-designed kind of conversion-focused webinarjam landing page.

I would say the customization to the customizability of it is not great, but it’s everything you need.


Therefore, if you create the pages, you need to create your templates or you edit them to have your branding and colors, and so on. Your basic going to have to do that once and then you can just use the same ones in a future webinar. So again, it’s not great, but it’s certainly not a deal-breaker.

Before jumping on webinarjam pricing and its monthly cost, let us discuss the most important features of it.

Webinarjam features cost nothing in comparison to webinarjam alternatives:

webinarjam alternatives

So now let’s go into the webinar itself, Start is really good because right away we can choose to just run a test separately before a live event.


Also, we have a clear overview of the links that matter which gives us all the links in one place for the specific webinar. We have the presenter links, we have the attendees links and we will have the replay links available already.


Therefore, we have all in one place with an overview of all the links that matter for any webinar desk, and the webinar admin will have a separate screen, different browser.


There is the live room and there’s also a separate control center where you just see all of the webinarjam chat. You see all of the prepared polls, offers and things like that, this is very useful. You can have someone being as a host and someone being as an assistant to the webinar and they can use the control center.


So that’s also pretty thoughtful here for doing webinars, especially to a larger audience and doing sales webinars and things like that where you’d want assistance.


Next up, we have a series of checks which I think are pretty good for some reminders of what you need to make sure of before you start. Then there’s an audio and video test in this check.


There’s also a whiteboard feature in webinarjam, which I think is great. So you can turn on a whiteboard and you can take that as a transparent or semi-transparent overlay or you can make it a separate thing.


We have the typical features where we can draw on the whiteboard and we can choose different colors and so on, which I think is quite nice. We can also have things like we can draw arrows on the screen. Therefore, it’s good to annotate something that’s going on the screen and it is fairly intuitive, easy to switch into and out of.

Therefore, that is a good teaching tool.

Webinarjam Pricing and how much does webinarjam cost monthly:

how much does webinarjam cost

Webinarjam pricing plans are quite a bit different from all the other webinarjam alternatives software solutions and that is only available on an annual subscription plan as there is no monthly pricing plan.


The starting price is $479 per year for a 500-seat room and while that’s a lot of money all at once, it’s basically $500 to get started using video conferencing software.


Webinarjam monthly pricing plans

If we compare it to other webinar software solutions and consider that, it’s for up to 500 people, this is actually a really good price. This is equivalent to paying about $40 a month and in most webinarjam alternatives, you barely get anything for $40 a month and you certainly don’t get a 500-seat room with the kinds of features you get here. Therefore, it’s kind of a rip off the Band-Aid all at once.

Thing is, it is a lot to pay all at once.


However, if you really compare it to what you get and what you pay for other webinarjam alternatives webinar software solutions, it starts looking really good.

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Webinarjam pricing for evergreen webinar funnels tool:

webinarjam pricing

Now let’s talk about automation in the sense of evergreen webinars and automated webinar funnels and how much does it cost.

Webinarjam does not have any of those features built-in.


Instead, they have to be purchase separately in a product called Evergreen Webinar for an extra around $300 per year.


If you want to do automated webinars or evergreen webinar funnels, that’s something to consider. An evergreen webinar is a powerful tool for this.


And you can create what feels to a visitor or like a real live webinar with all the features we looked at, with all the perfect timing for your offers and polls and things, but you have to pay extra.

Monthly pricing plan:

Even with that, again, the problem is really only that you have to pay everything upfront for a whole year because you’re 500 seat room plus all the automation features will cost you $794 per year, which is still only the equivalent of about $66  monthly cost.


Again, there are many other webinarjam alternatives webinar software where you barely get a 100-seat room for that. Therefore, with all that said, we have seen that there are some weaknesses in the webinarjam.


However, most of them are kind of convenience or cosmetic weaknesses when it comes to the actual webinar features. I wish they polished help their UI. There’s a lot of improvement that could be made there.


But it’s kind of all the small stuff. The mistakes are mostly in the small stuff. The quality of the stream and of the replay is pretty decent and reliable. People who join webinars as a test on webinarjam really enjoy it, and did not face any technical issues, it seems solid.

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High-Quality Webinar Sales tool:

how to use webinarjam features

In other words, where it matters most, webinarjam pricing will not let you down,  the cost is also really good, but there’s one important thing to consider, webinarjam is definitely a webinar software solution and not a group meeting or group call solution.


So if what you do is, you know, like a weekly group coaching call to a room with 12 people in it or something, then webinarjam and its price is clearly not the ideal solution for that and you should probably be looking for something much cheaper.


But if you’re going to use webinars as a sales tool, webinarjam is the marketing option. They have put the most thought into how to enable high end, high-quality sales webinars, and educational webinars.


So if you’re going to be talking to a large audience, a roomful of hundreds or even thousands of people either with the goal of delivering a presentation and building audience engagement and so on or with the goal of selling something, then webinarjam is a good solution and it justifies its pricing for that use case.


Therefore, these are my thoughts on webinarjam pricing and so far I would definitely prefer webinarjam over other webinar software in terms of pricing in 2020.

Get Webinarjam Free Trial at $1 for 14 Days

webinarjam free trial

In the meantime, let me know your experience with webinarjam either as an attendee or as a host.

Moreover, let me know if you have any questions, comment down.

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