Question: How Much Is A Doctor’S Visit At Clicks?

How much is flu vaccine at clicks?

Clicks Pharmacies and Clinics will be offering a 3-strain flu vaccine at R69.

99 (cash price) and a new 4-strain flu vaccine at R109.

99 (cash price), which allows for broader protection against A and B influenza strains..

Do pharmacies do blood tests?

The clinical pharmacist can check all your medicines and talk to you about how the medicines are working for you. They can also do health checks like taking your blood pressure or making appointments for you to have other tests, like blood tests.

Can I remove my implant at clicks?

Selected Clicks Clinics offer Implanon insertion and removal as part of their Family Planning services. For a list of the specific Clicks Clinics offering this service, see here for info and to book an appointment.

Does Dischem do ear piercing?

Hi Stephy, we do ear piercings for R20 excluding the earrings.

Does Dischem have a clinic?

Wellness Clinics. Visit us in store at your convenience or book an appointment for a consultation. We will give you a medical referral if necessary.

Does clicks offer child Immunisation?

Baby immunisations are available at Clicks clinics, including the MMR vaccine (measles, mumps and rubella). To make an appointment at a Clicks Clinic, call 0860 254 257 or visit Clicks Clinics online. Be sure to stay on track with your little one’s immunisations with the Clicks childhood vaccination schedule.

How much does DNA test cost at clicks?

ARE TESTS PRIVATE? Affordable: From only R1086. 75, GENEdiagnostics has made it affordable for all to do DNA Paternity testing. We can send a test kit via courier to your home or you can visit one of the clicks clinics we partnered with.

Can I get antibiotics at clicks?

Antibiotics can also be acquired at the Clicks dispensary on presentation of a prescription.

Can I use my medical aid at clicks?

Clicks Pharmacies are a preferred provider to most Medical Aids. We also offer health assessments which are covered by most Medical Aids. With a footprint of over 190 Feel Good Clinics & a convenient booking system, having your health assessed has never been this easy.

Can I consult at clicks?

Udok. A safe and convenient platform that connects patients to a nationwide network of doctors allowing for more affordable consultations at a Clicks clinic near you.

How do I book an appointment at clicks clinic?

Call us on 0860 254 257 to make an appointment at a Clicks Clinic. We offer pregnancy care, health screenings and more. Your first stop for affordable health care: Mother and Baby Or simply call 0860 254 257 or and we’ll make the appointment for you.

Do you pay at clicks clinic?

How much does the Clicks clinic charge for their services? We charge different prices according to the type of appointment and the service being administered.