Question: What Part Of The Cell Is Most Like The Brain?

Do brain cells grow back?

Growing new brain cells—or neurogenesis–is possible for adults.

The good news is that scientists have now discovered that you can grow new brain cells throughout your entire life.

The process is called neurogenesis.

Specifically, new brain cells–which are called neurons–grow in the hippocampus..

Who is the brain of cell?

nucleusThe nucleus is known as the ‘brain of the cell’ because the nucleus coordinates all the cell’s activities. It contains genetic material called chromosomes made of DNA and transfers it from parents to offspring.

Can you lose brain cells?

You naturally lose neurons as you age. Over time, this can affect different aspects of memory. “You may have trouble separating and storing new memories,” says Dr. Sahay.

What body part is like the endoplasmic reticulum?

The smooth and rough endoplasmic reticulum are a network of passageways that carries material from one side of the cell to the other. It is found in both plant and animal cells. The equivalent to it in the human body is the throat and/or the intestines.

What organelle is similar to the brain?

The nucleus is the part of the cell that contains DNA (a nucleic acid). It is kind of like the brain of a cell because it controls the activity of other organelles.

What is like the brain of the cell?

Neurons. When you think of the brain, you probably think of neurons. … A neuron is made up of three basic parts: the cell body, or soma; branching dendrites that receive signals from other neurons; and the axon, which sends signals out to surrounding neurons through the axon terminal.

What part of the cell is most like the bones?

ribosomesThe ribosomes and bone cells are alike because they build proteins and build bones that allow the body and cell to grow and multiply. This helps the civilization and group of cells thrive. The intestines are also the mitochondria because it produces and or extracts energy from the food to help the body/ cell work.

What part of cell gives shape?

cell membraneYou have learnt earlier that the cell membrane gives shape to the cell. In addition to the cell membrane, there is an outer thick layer in cells of plants called cell wall.

What part of the human body is like the Centriole?

The centrioles are like sperm because they assist in cell division (reproduction), and sperm from male humans allow female eggs to be fertilized which enables humans to reproduce. Flagella is like the human vertebrae because flagella assist in the movement of the cell, and the vertebrae allows humans to move.

Which part of cell is called the brain of the cell?

nucleusThe nucleus stores the genetic information (chromosomes) of eukaryotic cells. The nucleus is roughly spherical and is surrounded by two membranes. The nucleus is the ‘brain’ of a cell.

What works as the brain of the cell?

Cells within the nervous system, called neurons, communicate with each other in unique ways. The neuron is the basic working unit of the brain, a specialized cell designed to transmit information to other nerve cells, muscle, or gland cells.

What body part is like the Golgi apparatus?

Lysosomes. the Golgi apparatus packages proteins inside the cell before they are sent to their destination. Like the Golgi apparatus, the heart packages nutrients and sends them off to the parts of the body that need it.