Quick Answer: What Did The Boy In The Poem Somebody’S Mother Get For His Kindness And Consideration?

How do you describe the old woman?

Here are some adjectives for old woman: distressingly ancient, squat and dumpy, dismal and lonesome, insanely suicidal, hypothetically nonmenopausal, almost well-dressed, good-natured but gloomy, blind and poor, withered and bitter, egregiously fat, crazy and uncanny, harsh and hardy, unnaturally lusty, frivolous and ….

Where was the old woman standing What did she want to do?

Answer: the old woman was standing across the road and nobody was helping her to cross the road she wanted to cross the road.

Why was it difficult for the woman to cross the road?

Explanation: it was difficult for the woman to cross the road because she is blind.

What is the moral of the poem somebody’s mother?

The poem ‘Somebody’s Mother’ is written by Mary Dowe Brine. The main theme of this poem is that we should always be unselfish and help others. … The main feature of this poem is to have compassion and kindness for others like the young boy had for the old woman.

Why was the old woman hesitating to cross the street?

The old woman was hesitating to cross the road because carriage wheels and feet of horses might knock her down.

What kind of day was it somebody’s mother?

Question 4: What kind of a day was it? Answer: It was a winter’s day that was cold and wet due to recent snow.

How do you write appreciation in a poem?

write the appreciation based on the following points.title.poet.rhyme scheme.favourite lines.theme/central idea.figures of speech.special features-type of poem,language,tone,implied meaning,etc.why i like/dislike the poem.

Where is the woman standing in somebody’s mother?

Answer: The woman was standing at the crossroad to cross the road. Somebody’s Mother Poem Notes Question 3.

Why did the old woman wait long?

Questions & Answers The old woman waited for long to cross the road because she was too old and helpless to cross the road by herself.

What did the school boy do for her?

Answer. Answer: The boy told to his friends that she was somebody’s mother, aged, poor and slow, so he helped her. Some day his own mother would be in similar situation, some one else would help her when he is not there.

Which figure of speech is used in the poem somebody’s mother?

Here is the solution to your question. The poem ‘Somebody’s Mother’ uses the figure of speech to evoke feelings in the reader. The use of hyperbole in the lines ‘ragged and grey… bent with chill’ enable the reader to understand the aged woman who is reading the poem.

How do you describe the old woman in the poem somebody’s mother?

The Woman was old and ragged and grey, And bent with a chill of a winter’s day; The streets were white with a recent snow, And the woman’s feet were aged and slow. a) Describe the old woman. Ans: An old woman wearing ragged clothes and she was little bended because of chill of the winter.