Why Did The Office End At Season 9?

Is Phyllis Erin’s mom?

But Carell’s final episode may have also planted a seed for a new mystery — a maternity bombshell — by hinting that Phyllis and Erin are mother and daughter..

Why did the Office stop at Season 9?

John Krasinski is the reason ‘The Office’ ended after nine seasons. “Krasinski said, ‘Look, I think we need to do our last season,’” Greg Daniels recalled to Baumgartner. “He was the leader [in driving that decision].” “I had a very honest conversation with Greg,” Krasinski explained.

When did The Office Season 9 end?

May 16, 2013The ninth and final season of the American television comedy The Office premiered on NBC on September 20, 2012, and concluded on May 16, 2013, consisting of 25 episodes.

Did Pam cheat on Jim with Brian?

2 Pam Might Have Cheated On Jim Many fans thought that there appeared to be an emotional connection between Pam and Brian and felt convinced that the show purposefully hinted that Pam might have been cheating on Jim with Brian. … He got fired for his action, but only after he had proved his dedication to Pam.

Does Pam sleep with Brian?

Writer Owen Ellickson says there was even some talk of Pam and Brian “maybe hooking up a little bit,” but Daniels says he never intended for their relationship to get that far: “Ultimately, I didn’t think it was about actually going there. They never did anything.

Does Jim and Pam get divorced?

Pam has spoken: She and Jim are still happily together. During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on Thursday, Jenna Fischer was asked for her reaction to Chrissy Teigen’s recent theory that 10 years after their wedding on The Office, the beloved TV couple divorced.

Who destroyed Pam’s mural?

Rachel Leigh Tabb on Twitter: “Frank, The Office warehouse employee who destroyed Pam’s mural ALSO destroys Litchfield prison.

Is The Office Season 9 good?

After Steve Carell left two seasons earlier, the ratings of the show kept fluctuating; however, season 9 of The Office mostly got good reviews from the critics and the audience alike. The season finale was extremely satisfying, especially for the fans of the show.

Will there be season 10 of the office?

More About The Office Season 10 : But, this is only until the month of January 2021. NBC was planning to cut the cords of the series from Netflix and start airing it on its own Peacock. But, now the show will be available on the platform until the year.

Did Jim and Pam date in real life?

Even though it’s disappointing that Jim and Pam never dated in real life, look how cute Krasinski and Blunt are! If Krasinski had been dating Fisher, we never would have gotten to see the adorable way he is with his wife. Their romance is real, not an on-screen fling- and that’s the best kind.

Who does Pam cheat on Jim with?

Brian was a part of the crew since before the first episode. Pam reveals in Season 9 Episode 18 (“Promos”) that he has observed them for 10 years.

Why did Michael Scott not talk in the finale?

Michael Scott’s appearance on The Office season finale was kept top secret, so it would be a surprise when he showed up at SPOILER Dwight and Angela’s wedding. … The writers had to limit Michael’s speaking lines, as to avoid listing his name in the credits and spoiling his appearance for viewers.